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Introducing Phantasy 100

Phantasy is approaching it's 100th single release. Initially founded in 2007, what began as a springboard for new artists has grown into something far more expansive. With so much to share on the near horizon, we're taking this opportunity to revisit each single release so far, counting forwards from our debut. Each day we'll be delving into our archives of over 400 tracks, sharing artist insights whilst exploring our unique psychedelic sensibility. Make sure you're following Phantasy on Instagram to take a trip back with us, as well as into the future... Follow us on Instagram here Listen and follow...

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Listen: Wilted Woman Dummy Mix

“An unpredictable 45 minutes of hyper-modern club workouts” Delve into Wilted Woman's new mix for Dummy Mag. View the tracklist below. Christina Kubisch – Circles iiiMichele Mercure – The Sky is Falling3rd Wave – New BodyUnderwear – 14 Minute SideYoung Male – Into The NightRip Me – Exhale, ExfoliateFrank Hurricane – I Love Tha RainBlack Chow – WonderlandCarlosgGiffoni & Prurient – Returning RainsG.I.S.M. – Death ExclamationsSecret Boyfriend – Cool AirTzusing – Torque PulsationsDJ Richard – GargoyleToe Ring – Why Am I So Alone In This WorldMark – “… Careful Development Without Haste.”Hermann Kopp – Kannibalenkuss

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Out Now: Wilted Woman - Lon Lon Night Vision

Wilted Woman is a producer whose left-field approach to electronic music emerges from an experimentally minded and refreshingly unapologetic attitude, forged on the punk and DIY scenes of the East Coast of the United States, and more recently, Berlin. Across her debut release for Phantasy, she contributes two unpredictable and outlandish cuts of hyper-modern club culture, complimented by a remix from fellow outsider alchemist, Laurel Halo. Stream, download and buy the 12" vinyl (with free download) here ‘Lon Lon Night Vision’ is a creeping, industrial interpretation of acid sounds, peeling away layers of tension to reveal a melody straight from...

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