TERR is the exciting musical project of Daniela Caldellas, the Berlin-based DJ/producer and label owner, who grew up in Brazil’s Belo Horizonte.

Her music experiences come from a long time - after spending her earlier years playing guitar in several punk bands, she decided to learn the basics of computer music to be able to express more complex ideas - “Electronic music allowed me to bring to life the sounds that I had in my mind,” she says. She became a studio addict, investing in analog synths and effects to work on her sonic experiments.

In 2019 TERR began her fruitful partnership with Phantasy - “I have always been a fan of the label and of Erol Alkan. I really like the way the label is focused more on the artistic and experimental side of electronic music. That's the kind of label and philosophy that attracts me and makes me want to work on something." Two EPs were released that year: the acclaimed Tale of Devotion and Energy Sync - which was the soundtrack for Moschino’s Fall Winter 2020 Fashion Show. Now TERR makes a triumphant return to Phantasy with a deeply dreamy new single, Wings of Time, complimented by a momentous remix from Tornado Wallace.

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