Babe, Terror

A considerable length of time since his last release on Phantasy, the cultishly adored ‘Knights', Babe, Terror returned to the label with a unique audio-visual experiment, a timely ‘story that’s not actually a story’. Over the course of fifteen tracks, and the span of an absorbing comic, Babe, Terror and Phantasy invite you to plunge into ‘Ancient M’ocean’.

Originally releasing twisted pop music cultivated only using the sounds of his home city of São Paulo alongside his own ingenious methods, and garnering fans including experimental luminaries Arto Lindsay and Four Tet, ‘Ancient M’oceans’ finds the restlessly experimental Brazilian artist in his richest and most expansive form yet, having been absorbed in the production process for four years. And while the full length LP marks the most in-depth exploration of his sound to date, his mysterious process remains as unpredictable and compelling as ever. Typically awash in feedback, with gentle melodies speculating beneath the surface, gradually crystalising as his music unfolds, the compositions of Babe, Terror rewards patience and curiosity with a profound sense of psychedelic melancholy, inviting listeners into an intimate atmosphere that’s all of it’s own.

For the first time, the vision of Babe, Terror is unbridled by sound alone. A twenty page comic concerning an understated sci-fi romance taking place in a world adjacent and just out of reach of our own, collects stories of ancient customs and traditions, submerged but sharing the same sun, moon and energy. Also entitled ‘Ancient M’ocean’, this unique accompaniment is conceptualised by Babe, Terror himself, and beautifully realised in tender illustrated from by Michael Crook, chronicling just a small part of “a community of souls… an incorruptible interconnection that binds us together as a whole.”

Throughout the record, ‘Allureon’ unfolds over four parts, each adding a layer of submerged noise to conjure a muted sense of ceremony. ‘Fryffordd’ meanwhile, is a heart wrenching piano ballad delivered from the fifth dimension, while ‘Windsurf For Souls’ is threaded across the album, anchoring the listener. Finally on ‘We’ll Be Here’, alien voices offer gentle reassurance before a trip back to more familiar turf with ‘Forever Home’, the reflective, triumphant conclusion to a sometimes challenging but ultimately rewarding journey.

With both the musical and comic forms of ‘Ancient M’ocean’ available individually, Babe, Terror has painted a truly all encompassing landscape. Come prepared for a trip unlike any other, and always a warm welcome back to a world that you had never heard of.

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