Cowboy Rhythmbox

Cowboy Rhythmbox are Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Richard X. 

Coming together to create their own singular strain of music for dancing, they draw on a collective love of outsider house, bargain bin cut-outs, hard drive debris, rudimentary jack trax, obscure TV themes, Euro disco, EBM, Detroit Techno, the Smith & Wesson Model 3 and horses.

CBRB's latest triptych for Phantasy takes their sound into a more dystopian direction, a world of concrete shopping centres, the occult and physically irresistible repetition.

The title track “Mécanique Sauvage” is a muscular industrial / outsider house track, a stop start rollercoaster that constantly intensifies. One part a brutal exercise in poise and restraint, and one part undiluted disco excess. A contradictory beast of a track.

Something of a epic (at over 8 mins long) “Children Of The Monolith” drops the tempo to 100 BPM and takes the listener on a very different kind of trip. A widescreen composite of tribal drums, sinister synths and the beguiling mantras of an arcane cult. Don't touch the brown acid...

“Soda Jerk” is the everything but the kitchen sink moment on the EP, a hymn to over indulgence. Unhinged electronic body music, a gloriously relentless assault on the senses. Resistance is futile!

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