Houeida Hedfi


Phantasy are proud to introduce the first reverberations of a new project from Tunisian multi-instrumentalist Houeida Hedfi, produced alongside Olof Dreijer, best known for his work in The Knife and as Oni-Ayhun. Foreshadowing an upcoming full-length album, two distinctive tracks are accompanied by a remix from Portugese DJ/producer Nídia.

‘Appel du Danube’ gradually expands from twinkling glass to lucid strings and classical piano, a startlingly emotive composition that’s cinematic in scope and ambition. Hedfi and Dreijer both feature on title track ‘Echos de Medjerda’, inviting listeners to lean into a spacious circle of percussive sound, conducting a brief journey full of melodic lurches and static interference, hinting at both magic and

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