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Our roster includes Erol Alkan, Daniel Avery, Ghost Culture, Connan Mockasin, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, James Welsh (aka Kamera), Cowboy Rhythmbox, U and Babe Terror.
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Founded in London in 2007, Phantasy has steadily transformed into one of the UK’s most artistically ambitious labels. Neither rooted in electronic or alternative music, Phantasy's small but expanding stable of artists work closely with founder Erol Alkan, to achieve the best possible sound and vision for a diverse audience. All Phantasy releases are pressed on vinyl as well as released digitally.
While always defying definition, a contemporary psychedelic streak binds together Phantasy’s unique roster.
Since his early EP contributions to the label, Daniel Avery has maintained a home on Phantasy, quickly evolving into of the world’s most exciting techno artists. Capturing an unexpected zeitgeist with his stunning take on classic acid house throughout his debut LP ‘Drone Logic’, this was followed by the ‘New Energy’ remix collection, and the breathtaking ‘Sensation/Clear’ EP. More new material follows in 2018.
Occupying a completely different but equally compelling space, New Zealander Connan Mockasin specialised in offbeat and visionary psych-pop. His sophomore album ‘Caramel’ earned huge critical acclaim, while his stunning debut, ‘Forever Dolphin Love’, was celebrated as Recordstore’s album of the year in 2012 and is considered a modern classic amongst those in the know
Cowboy Rhythymbox have produced a number of EPs that have consistently turned dancefloors upside down with their deeply offbeat and idiosyncratic style, taking inspiration from everything from obscure TV theme tunes to Chicago house. Meanwhile, James Welsh, formerly known as Kamera, has equally enraptured clubs with a more industrial indebted but increasingly expansive style of electronic music, forging a unique niche between vintage IDM and brooding, introspective techno.
Ghost Culture’s self-titled 2015 LP introduced a unique voice to the wider musical landscape, combining earnest, singer-songwriter led pop with experimental electronics, which later came further to the fore on his subtle and intelligent singles. That same flair of experimentation is also outlandishly established throughout the truly uncategorizable music of Babe, Terror, a mysterious Brazilian artist whose trippy and ethereal music combines elements of ambient, shoegaze and minimal, while sounding like little else.
Of course, Phantasy’s founder Erol Alkan is never far from the label’s busy release schedule. In 2018, his critically acclaimed ‘Reworks Volume 1’ collection revisited a decade of his finest remixes and total reimaginings of some of the most feted artists in pop, rock and dance music, while as part of ‘Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve’, drew equal plaudits across truly esoteric ground on the previous year’s critically acclaimed album, ‘The Soft Bounce’.
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