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Phantasy 100: PH81 – PH90

PH81   Daniel Avery: "Jon Hopkins and I share some undeniable synochrity. We both released our previous albums in 2013 and then became friends after regularly seeing each other on the road. Then, we both took five years to write and finish our follow-up albums. In 2018 Jon invited me to support him on tour in America and so we decided to make a special 12" for the shows, remixing each other."   A match made in the modern heaven of British electronica, Jon Hopkins remix of Daniel Avery’s ‘Glitter’ was a deep and dramatic interpretation of Avery’s wistful original,...

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Phantasy 100: PH61 – PH70

PH61PH61 was the first in a collection of Erol Alkan remixes, released in full as ‘Erol Alkan Reworks Volume 1’. The first installment dealt with two of Erol’s most beloved remixes from utterly different ends of the spectrum. The era-defining remix of Justice's ‘Waters of Nazareth’, that offered a notorious sonic shift of the French duo’s landmark sound into the rhythmic structure of Chicago house, and on the flip, Erol’s first rework of Tame Impala. ‘Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind’ that took a highlight from debut album Innerspeaker, a remix that Gabriel Szatan wrote for Resident Advisor “elevates...

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Phantasy 100: PH51 – PH60

PH51 Erol Alkan: "Diagram Girl' was the first single to be taken from 'The Soft Bounce' by Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, my partnership with Richard Norris, through which we explored the psychedelic sensibilities around the various types of music we loved. It began as a series of re-edits around 2005, and through re-animating other peoples music (from The Chemical Brothers to Goldfrapp to Midlake) as well as an entire album for Temples, we graduated to our own full original album.Demos for the 'The Soft Bounce' was created as far back as 2009, but through other projects coming and going, disbanding and re-grouping,...

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Phantasy 100: PH41 – PH50

PH41Cowboy Rhythmbox 'We Got The Box' was their debut release on Phantasy, out on 10th November 2014 on 12" vinyl and copies are sold out. Erol Alkan: "I've known both Richard X and Nathan Gregory Wilkins since around 2000, and I'm a big fan of both. Richard's 7"s as Girls On Top were big records at Trash and at clubs elsewhere. Meanwhile, Nathan is rightfully recognised as one of the finest Djs in our orbit.Six years on from it's release in 2014, 'Rattle' is still an incredible dance record, it manages to be as functional as it is dysfunctional; a...

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