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Phantasy 100: PH91 – PH99

PH91 Kicking off the final stretch of #Phantasy100, 'Blue Ice/Meltwater' was a digital transmission of flawless liquid electro from the studio of one of Phantasy’s most prolific artist family members, Ghost Culture.   'Blue Ice’ delved into trippy euphoria, perfectly engineered to transmit a trance-like effect on listeners. All tunnelling energy, melting through layer-upon-layer of serotonin-altering rave oscillations, awash in a texture that lands somewhere between melancholy and euphoria, strobe light and sunrise.   ‘Meltwater’ meanwhile begins unassumingly, executing a spacious rhythm that is soon consumed by powerful sub-bass weight and an almost overwhelming rush of analogue synthesis. An aquatic...

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Phantasy 100: PH81 – PH90

PH81   Daniel Avery: "Jon Hopkins and I share some undeniable synochrity. We both released our previous albums in 2013 and then became friends after regularly seeing each other on the road. Then, we both took five years to write and finish our follow-up albums. In 2018 Jon invited me to support him on tour in America and so we decided to make a special 12" for the shows, remixing each other."   A match made in the modern heaven of British electronica, Jon Hopkins remix of Daniel Avery’s ‘Glitter’ was a deep and dramatic interpretation of Avery’s wistful original,...

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Introducing Phantasy 100

Phantasy is approaching it's 100th single release. Initially founded in 2007, what began as a springboard for new artists has grown into something far more expansive. With so much to share on the near horizon, we're taking this opportunity to revisit each single release so far, counting forwards from our debut. Each day we'll be delving into our archives of over 400 tracks, sharing artist insights whilst exploring our unique psychedelic sensibility. Make sure you're following Phantasy on Instagram to take a trip back with us, as well as into the future... Follow us on Instagram here Listen and follow...

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Listen: TERR 'One Mix' for Beats 1

TERR takes over the airwaves of Beats 1 with a ‘One Mix’ on Apple Music. Listen nowYou can pick up TERR's recent releases on Phantasy here

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