Baris K and Mano Le Tough remix Erol Alkan [PH83RMX2]

Erol Alkan
invites two much-loved talents to work their own familiar magic on ‘Spectrum’. Mano Le Tough takes the track on a blissful trip through deep space, finding wormholes of sonic pleasure around an elastic bassline, waving bells and Moroder-esque synth. Finally, Istanbul's premier edit-master and renowned crate-digger Barış K takes the krautrock drums that drove Alkan's original track and engineers a dense, understated remix that utilises sounds inspired by the equally innovative heritage of Turkish rock and disco.

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"After Matrixxman and Machine Woman's stellar remixes of 'Spectrum' and 'Silver Echoes', it's time to add two more inspired remixes to complete the package. 'Spectrum' has been reworked by Mano Le Tough, who has truly transformed it into a warped monster beyond my dreams. On the flip side, Baris K takes the same track into exactly where I'd hoped and more, focusing on the inner rhythms of the original as well as additional instrumentation from local musicians in Istanbul. I couldn't be happier with all of these remixes from this single, each producer has created something which I truly love, I hope there is one here for you." - Erol Alkan

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