Erol Alkan Spectrum (Mano Le Tough and Baris K Remixes) [PH 83RMX2] - Vinyl
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Erol Alkan 'Spectrum' (Mano Le Tough and Baris K Remixes) [PH 83RMX2]

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Erol Alkan invites two much-loved talents work their own familiar magic on ‘Spectrum’. Mano Le Tough takes the track on a blissful trip through deep space, finding wormholes of sonic pleasure around an elastic bassline, waving bells and Moroder-esque synth. Finally, Istanbul's premier edit-master and renowned crate-digger Barış K takes the krautrock drums that drove Alkan's original track and engineers a dense, understated remix that utilises sounds inspired by the equally innovative heritage of Turkish rock and disco.

  • Spectrum (Mano Le Tough Remix)
  • Silver Echoes (Baris K Remix)

Comes with a free MP3 download. WAV files available on request.