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Phantasy Loves Record Stores

We’re getting behind the #loverecordstores campaign, in order to support independent record stores during the COVID-19 crisis. As a label, our web store remains open, and we hope it continues to be a space for musical discovery. No matter where you buy your music, never has it been more important to support independent artists and labels, who are suddenly facing a more uncertain future than ever. Phantasy is rooted in the spirit of community and artistic freedom, and strongly believe in these principles. At this complex and unpredictable time, we have plenty of new music to share. Tomorrow sees the...

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Rough Trade East Instore, 1st July: Beyond The Wizards Sleeve

Come and join Beyond The Wizards Sleeve at Rough Trade, East tomorrow from 18:00 GMT where they'll be DJing for two hours. You'll also be able to pick up a copy of their debut album 'The Soft Bounce'.  

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Juno Vinyl Chart: Beyond The Wizards Sleeve

 Check out the latest Juno chart from Beyond The Wizards Sleeve here Beyond The Wizards Sleeve 'Creation' The Invisible 'Patients' Various 'Ethiopian Modern Instrumental Hits' Cornelius 'Fantasma' Dark Circles 'Y'Wolf Muller/Cass 'The Sound of Glades'Cherry Garcia 'High Priest' Man Power 'Think You'Various 'DJ Format's Psych Out: A Collection Of International Funky Fuzz Laiden Gems'Various 'Space Echo: The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed'

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