Phantasy Loves Record Stores

We’re getting behind the #loverecordstores campaign, in order to support independent record stores during the COVID-19 crisis. As a label, our web store remains open, and we hope it continues to be a space for musical discovery. No matter where you buy your music, never has it been more important to support independent artists and labels, who are suddenly facing a more uncertain future than ever. Phantasy is rooted in the spirit of community and artistic freedom, and strongly believe in these principles.

At this complex and unpredictable time, we have plenty of new music to share. Tomorrow sees the release of Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini's much-anticipated collaborative LP, 'Illusion of Time'. Or, a great way to get a taste of nearly one-hundred Phantasy releases so far is our ongoing 'Lucky Dip', through which you can grab three vinyls at random from our back-catalogue for just £10.

Come on over, we’re always open.

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