A Message from Erol Alkan


I wanted to take a moment to put down a few thoughts. The current pandemic has rapidly made us all change our daily habits and routines. Some of us are on lockdown at home, some are still forced to work, perhaps not through choice, and it feels like we are being put under stress in so many different forms. It is unprecedented and incredibly saddening that so many basic, everyday tasks are loaded with an emotional weight which I personally could never have imagined.

So I suppose in the grand scheme of things, there is not much a Dj can do right now to help. I have no answers or observations to make this easier. But I do know that at times like these, we need our communities more so than ever. Unfortunately, there is currently no club where we can come together and experience that transcendental feeling of escape. Nothing can ever really match that, and I truly hope we can return to it soon...
Despite this, what I have been thinking about is how Phantasy - and to an extent myself - can help in such a time of change. Our desire to make that vital connection burns brighter than ever, we are currently trying to figure out ways to interact and entertain you online, despite the fact our ability to release new music has been greatly throttled now that record shops and nightclubs have been forced to closed.
We - and I speak for myself and all at Phantasy -  have a few, nascent ideas and will start feeding them out as soon as we can.
We'd also like to know if there is anything you would want from us? All contributions will be welcomed, and if there is something we can do, then we will make it happen. Let's keep this thread as a starting point for this journey.
We've still got a lot of music to make and share, but above all else, we've got each other.
Erol Alkan

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