#PHANTASYMIX 08: Ricardo Tobar

Chile's Ricardo Tobar reignites the #PHANTASYMIX series with an hour of unique, psychedelia infused selections. Scroll down for some thoughts from
 Ricardo about the track selections, music that's been inspiring him lately and his recent release on MUSAR.

Ricardo has spent the last ten years plotting a unique course through electronic music. Beginning with two EPs on James Holden’s Border Community, the sort of records that appeared seeming nowhere to the delight of record stores and music collectors everywhere, the following decade has seen him oscillating, literally and figuratively, to and from the dancefloor. He’s released for labels like Cocoon Recordings  and Correspondant, as well as remixing artists such as Phil Kieran, Fairmont and our own Daniel Avery, on a subtle but blistering rework of ‘These Nights Never End’ from 2014.

And while his sound has adapted, altered and evolved, the Chilean artist has always specialised in exploring the overlap between experimental electronica, house, krautrock and the psychedelic strains of shoegaze. As such, he’s the perfect contributor for the latest in #PHANTASYMIX series, providing an eloquent hour of subtle, groovy and somewhat mysterious music, leading listeners down a path through a very personal garden of influences.

Float down stream with the mix above, and let us know what you think of the trip.

Ricardo, without diving too deep into the tracklist on this one just yet, what we can hear in this mix?
You can hear a little bit of everything really. ‎Mostly stuff I'm listening lately: I tried to do something more hypnotic and dance-y at the same time but it's definitely something more suitable for home listening.

You are best known for exploring the genres of cosmic techno, shoegaze, electronica and anything psychedelic. Has anything inspired you recently that we might not expect?

I try to listen a bit of everything and it's true that all I do gets related to shoegaze and psychedelia but in fact I'm more into african music, latin rythmes and weird jazz at the moment.

Your new EP, ‘La Condamine’, is released on MUSAR, based in Tel Aviv. That seems like a scene where a lot of interesting electronic music is bubbling away? How did you get involved with that label?

Yes, it's amazing how many good music is coming from young Israeli artists! I know David, the label owner, from his club nights there in Tel-Aviv. He's really supportive and chilled so it's a pleasure to work with him on this project.‎

‘La Condamine’ has been remixed by two very distinctive artists in Marc Pinol and Ulrich Schnauss. Is there a dream remixer you would love to reinterpret your work?
That's a difficult one but I don't have a dream remixer. I loved to work with Ulrich and Marc though, they are great artists. ‎I guess it would be amazing to be reinterpreted by a completely different band or orchestra. I think that would be interesting.‎

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Surround
Love, Peace & Trance - Yeelen
Tambien & Tiago - Untitled B
Aisha Devi - The Sore Party (Cooly G Cooldub Remix)
Zazu Bikaye - Soki Akei 
The Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble - Silver Drum
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Creek 
Hiroshi Sato - Donkama 
Baba Stiltz - Are You Mad Caus I'm Not Mad 
Carl Matthews - Be Like A Child 
Khidja - Die Wilde Spirale 
Maaskant - Your Memories 
Conrad Schnitzler - Zug 
Machine Woman - Iron Curtain 
Even Tuell & Midnightopera - Untitled B

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