Behind The Rework: Scissor Sisters 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing'

Scissor Sisters
 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing' (Erol Alkan's Rework) taken from his 'Reworks Volume 1' compilation, a track long been out of print and highly sought after on vinyl.

"I should admit I had no real idea where to go with this Scissor Sisters track when I first heard it, but I would have remixed it regardless purely because the band are friends. I knew it was a challenge to rework 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing' into a track for my Dj sets as I could clearly hear the original was going to be a genuine mainstream hit. After a couple of listens, I picked up on an element in the bridge which sounded like it was sampled from some long lost rave record in 1990, so I asked for that audio file and the accapella and went about building the track from those two elements. The bassline I added was some strange 3 note inversion of the bassline from Babe Ruth's 'The Mexican' which sounds nothing like Babe Ruth's 'The Mexican' in retrospect, but that was going around in my head at the time or at least what I wanted to go for.. It's funny that sometimes we remember things in quite abstract ways, so you may feel you are being heavily influenced by another record when in fact it sounds nothing like it, so its best to run with it unless it become an obstacle later.. I threw in a few lines of the vocals as I really loved the lyric: "Cities come and cities go just like the old empires, When all you do is change your clothes and call that versatile"

One of the first times I played it was to 30,000 people after The Scissor Sisters played live at Bennicasm in 2006, I was on directly after them on the main stage, so it was a little daunting, but I remember looking into the crowd and seeing Jake in the front row dancing to it with the audience. It's a nice feeling when you've made something which the original artist doesn't hate, so that moment was reassuring!" - Erol Alkan

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