Behind The Rework: Justice 'Waters of Nazareth'

Justice 'Waters of Nazareth' (Erol Alkan's Rework) taken from his 'Reworks Volume 1' compilation, a track long been out of print and highly sought after on vinyl.

"This rework for Justice changed a lot for me. The sound that Ed Banger Records were pioneering was blowing up on the underground, and 'Waters Of Nazareth' arrived at the right time to take it to the next level. I was already close with Xavier and Gaspard for a few years by then, and I think I this was the first remix anybody had made for them, so I was really keen to not mess it up.

My main focus on this rework was to make it easy to mix and play, arrange it in a way which continued to build and build to a crescendo, and then a moment to wrong foot the dance floor. The parts in the original are so interesting and full of character that you can be quite sparse with how it develops, so I made the whole arrangement mathematical. Rather than building the track off the back off a vibe/feeling as I usually would, each section unfolded and developed at the same rate until it reached a peak. The intro was designed to make it as inviting as possible for even the most amateur Dj to be able to mix, as all you had to do was hit the play button on the beat, and the track would take off. It was deliberately straighter than then original, which was the wilder, more complex older brother in comparison. From top to bottom, I think this was made in 4 hours, with a small tweak after I tested it out for the first time. I should add that even though I named this a 're-edit' back then, I would put it alongside 'The Bay' in the sense that I had separate parts to make my version from, and I'd usually term a 're-edit' when only having a stereo track to work with, with possibly not adding any new parts.

After a few months, the opening kick and snare sound found themselves in the productions of countless records, but I suppose it worked in Justice's favour and that pointed back to this mix/track more. I did at one point apologise for leaving it so bare at the front, and in doing so accidentally inviting it to be sampled, but I suppose - looking back - it worked out OK." - Erol Alkan

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