Behind The Rework: Metronomy 'The Bay' (Erol Alkan's Rework)

Metronomy 'The Bay' (Erol Alkan's Rework) taken from his 'Reworks Volume 1' compilation, a track long been out of print and highly sought after on vinyl.
"This rework of 'The Bay' for Metronomy was probably one of the fastest I've made, it was put together in around 4 hours. It only uses the sounds from the original, which I chopped up from the stems and re-arranged, it's likely the kick drum is slightly different too, I think I replaced it with a Linn drum machine kick just to punch that little bit more.. This was also 100% finished in my head before I even started editing, I knew exactly what I wanted it to do after listening to the original version a couple of times. I tend to find those are the ones which turn out a little better, when you can fully realise the music in your head." - Erol Alkan
Pre-order 'Reworks Volume 1' on double CD, five piece vinyl boxset or separately on 12" vinyl with his Scissor Sisters rework on the flip side HERE

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