News — Third Mynd

Meanwhile, 1 year ago...Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Daniel Avery & BTU Reworks

Taken from Beyond The Wizards Sleeve's acclaimed debut 'The Soft Bounce', we released two expansive remixes from the album by Daniel Avery and BTU - a collaboration between producers Babe, Terror and U. Two very distinct trips into the outer reaches of electronic sound.Avery ramps up the atmosphere of 'The Soft Bounce' with an airy, drifting electronic mantra, pulsing with gliding motorik propulsion perfect for late night escapades. On the flipside, BTU, take album closer 'Third Mynd' and recast it as a mind opening sixteen minute collage of found sound, drone and atmosphere, a psychedelic opus befitting Jon Savage's otherworldly speech. Bliss. Pressed...

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