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#PHANTASYMIX 27: Stranded

Phantasy · #PHANTASYMIX 27: Stranded Hailing from Atlanta, Stranded occupies the position of a genuine musical outlier. “Alienation, romantic rendezvous, 9 to 5 unease, and an apprehension of the future”, are just a few of the topics at the forefront of the recent, self-released ‘Long Dusk’ EP, as well as a previous release on Optimo Music in 2019, ‘Celine’s Dilemma’.Inspired by a lifelong fascination with dance-music centered cities such as Detroit, Berlin and Manchester, Stranded’s own music sits at odds with the soundtrack of Atlanta, where a sprawling scene is traditionally dominated by hip-hop and rap. Stranded’s stellar #PHANTASYMIX takes in...

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