Out Now: James Welsh (aka Kamera) 'Arc Ventoux'

Before his recent music including the anthemic 'Standing' and 'Thread', James Welsh initially joined Phantasy in the guise of Kamera. His sound has developed in myriad directions, while fulfilling his initial endeavour of creating forward-thinking club music that exists in it's own time and space.

Referencing industrial techno, EBM, vintage electro and post-punk, the project gifted dancefloors charismatic rave bullets, such as 'Ventoux' and 'Prince Valium'. The velocity of these moments is perfectly balanced by more introspective, ghostly material such as 'Voodoo Canape' and the outright menacing 'Arcsecond', the music of Kamera quickly caught the attention of a broad range of DJs including Laurent Garnier, Surgeon and DJ Hell.

Stream, download or pick up 'Arc Ventoux' (with free digital downloads) across 2 x 12" vinyl releases HERE

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