Erol Alkan 'Reworks' Website

Erol Alkan Reworks Website

We are pleased to launch a brand-new website and resource, in which listeners can delve deeper into the stories behind 'Reworks Volume 1', a collection of Erol Alkan's most beloved remixes. From the technical approach of each remix to his relationships with many of the artists featured, Alkan personally narrates each track in the style of a podcast, reflecting on their production, histories and intricacies. 

"Throughout the 14 or so years I've been remixing other artists music, one thing has remained constant: There is never one single approach that works better than another. The creative process can be a complete mystery, but being able to manage your creativity, even when things aren't quite going your way, is the only real skill one can have, I feel that's all I'm able to share with anybody else. I used to spend days, weeks, and sometime months going round in circles, and ending up nowhere. Looking back, those mixes were the ones in which I feel aren't my best. As a result, and through trial and error, I don't feel I became any better as a remixer, artist or producer, I just became better at making decisions, having confidence and trusting my instinct.

We've built a website which details the approach I took to 10 of my reworks, which were part of the 'Reworks Volume 1' compilation. You can listen to me talk about the technical and creative approach, as well as to my relationship with some of the artists who allowed me to mess with their work. Imagine it as 10 mini podcasts.

I hope this can help any of you who are starting out making music, or have an interest in the creative process, even if you're not familiar with my work." - 
Erol Alkan

Visit the Reworks website HERE

Listen to the Reworks compilation via Apple Music HERE

Pick up Erol Alkan's 'Reworks' compilation on deluxe 5 vinyl boxset, multi box CD or on on 5 x separate 12" vinyls HERE

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