Out Now: Daniel Avery DJ-Kicks [!K7 Records]

Out Now: Daniel Avery DJ-Kicks [!K7 Records]

Out Now: Daniel Avery Dj-Kicks [!k7 Records]

“Electronic music is unique in that, whilst it has an immediate effect on the body, the culture surrounding it has the ability to run deep into your life. Whenever I’m in a club, I want to give myself up to music. This is the very thing that excites me the most. Witnessing a DJ create an atmosphere in a room from the ground up takes patience and effort from everyone present but when the pivotal moments hit, your watch stops ticking.”Daniel Avery

It is this thinking which motivated and inspired the making of Avery’s entry into the treasured DJ-Kicks series. Across its 78 minutes the mix creates a hypnotic space focusing on “music by like-minded souls” from the outer reaches of techno including international talents Svreca, Rrose, Artefakt and IORI. It is a mix concerned with the idea of taking a collective breath and allowing records their own space.

“The music that always hits hardest is what I’d consider to be unreal,” Avery notes, “something that sounds like it comes from another place entirely and moves at its own pace. I want to create those moments where opening your eyes on a dance floor becomes difficult. When the outside world is nothing more than a distant thought.”

The mix features three new original Avery productions including a track from Rote, a project with BleeD boss Volte-Face. It follows three years’ worth of studio experimentation in-between a life spent on the road touring the enormous success of debut record, Drone Logic, released in 2013 on Erol Alkan's wildly psychedelic Phantasy label.

With club culture again being attacked and many familiar nightlife institutions closing their doors, Avery is a strong proponent of its crucial role in society and remains encouraged by a current audience hungry for the new. "For me as a DJ it's the most exciting time I've lived through in over twelve years of doing this," he enthuses; "This is important to people; the noise from the world today is deafening. Looking out from the booth is a reminder that what we do together is worthwhile. This is worth fighting for.”

This DJ-Kicks album stands as a testament to the strength of the current state of affairs in underground electronic music, borne out of one of its most original talents.

  1. In Aeternam Vale - Soundscape I 
  2. Daniel Avery - Sensation (Rrose Remix)
  3. Shlømo - Vertigo
  4. Planetary Assault Systems - Dungeon 
  5. Ekserd - Hidden Document II (Svreca Remix)
  6. BLNDR - Untitled 3 (Modvs Remix) 
  7. Ulwhednar - Stortorget 
  8. Artefakt - The Fifth Planet 
  9. Post Scriptum - Donbelief
  10. JP Enfant - Sirens
  11. IORI - Maya // Rote - Look In Your Eyes
  12. Lewis Fautzi - Blood
  13. Daniel Avery - A Mechanical Sky (DJ-Kicks)
  14. Slam - Cirklon Bells (Edit-Select Remix)
  15. Daniel Avery - Space Echo

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