Erol Alkan: To The Rhythm 2019

Erol Alkan: To The Rhythm 2019

'Soooo, it is probably no surprise to read that I enjoyed last years '
To The Rhythm' show at EartH in London so much so that we've decided to return there on Saturday 30th March, for another 6 hour set. It was without doubt one of my favourite London parties in a long while, I think a big part of it was down to the crowd, it really felt like we had 1000 music lovers in the building. Please join us again.

These extended DJ sets have really given me the space and time to be able to explore the different corners of my record collection, and it's best when shared with those who respond like many of you did the last time.. See you there' - Erol Alkan

Our friends at Bugged Out want you to know all early bird tickets have flown and there are a handful of 1st release left before it hits the next tier.

All early bird tickets for 'To The Rhythm' at YES in Manchester on Friday 26th April have also sold out, where Erol Alkan will be playing all night long.
Just announced: 'To The Rhythm' also heads to Edinburgh on Friday 24th May, where Erol Alkan will be playing all night long at Summerhall Arts Venue.

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