Ghost Culture Tours France this November

Ghost Culture Tours France This November

After a year on the circuit, Ghost Culture feels the live show has reached “a point of transition”, and will be unveiling a fresh version this month in France. As Greenwood continues to explore and rework his material, those attending can expect amped up production and performance values, creating an impressive spectacle that is still at one with Ghost Culture's spectral, delicate but pulsating music.

13.11 - Lille - Les Inrocks at Le Grand Mix

14.11 - Paris - Les Inrocks at La Cigale
15.11 - Nantes - Les Inrocks at Stereolux
17.11 - Toulouse - Les Inrocks at Bikini
19.11 - Bordeaux - IBoat
20.11 - Rennes - Ubu
21.11 - Rouen - Le 106

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