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Gabe Gurnsey - You Can (The Hacker Remix) / (Extended Dub) [PH76]

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‘You Can’ stares directly into the haze and the strobes of the transformative night-out documented throughout Gabe Gurnsey’s debut LP, ‘Physical’. Undoubtedly one of the record’s most outright hedonistic moments, ‘You Can’ finds Gabe cheekily intoning an invitation to dance, get high, or both, assisted by a deeply trippy sonic atmosphere and a seductive, twilight bassline.

In the spirit of classic extended edits, the ‘Extended Dub’ version unpicks and expands on each of these elements, retaining the solid groove of the original while transforming it into a heady dancefloor tool. A staple of electro for the past two decades, The Hacker meanwhile continues his recent hot streak with his remix of ‘You Can’. Firmly executed with his usual cyber-militancy, his simple but effective reimagining is littered with elasticated synth stabs, urgent oscillations  and an audible desire to transform Gurnsey himself into a man-machine. 

12" vinyl comes with a free mp3 download, or wav files on request.