Red Axes - Sipoor [PH69]
Red Axes - Sipoor [PH69]
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Red Axes - Sipoor [PH69]

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Already a well-established presence on the outlandish fringes of experimental, alternative and dance music, celebrated Israeli duo Red Axes make a surprise left-turn onto Phantasy with a three-track 12”, ‘Sipoor’. Unsurprisingly, the results are as pleasingly out-there as the occasion requires.

Following on from last year’s self-released LP, ‘The Beach Goths’, ‘Sipoor’ immediately announces the Axes’ uncompromising return to the front and centre of the dancefloor with the raw, provocative ‘Bad Time Story’. Brazen, brash acid triggers this particular tale, as Red Axes briskly modulate their way through a ruff, tuff but never less than musical landscape of 303s and 808s.

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  • Sipoor
  • Teroof
  • Bad Time Story


WAV files available on request.