Gabe Gurnsey - Eyes Over [PH 74] - Vinyl
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Gabe Gurnsey - Eyes Over [PH 74]

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Gabe Gurnsey releases a new single, ‘Eyes Over’, taken from his debut solo album, Physical, which is due for release on 3 August 2018 via Phantasy Sound. 

With its proto-Hacienda grooves, ‘Eyes Over’ is a 21st Century take on a muscular brand of synth pop, offering an alluring landscape for the artist’s restless vocals. The harder-hitting Extended Dub takes more precise aim at the dancefloor, allowing each disparate, analogue element more room to unfold across a throbbing baseline. 

"I wanted to use the vehicle of a 4/4 track to set up a simulated night club,” Gabe says of the track. “To communicate the feeling that comes when we are losing ourselves in that love / lust-filled situation."

  • Eyes Over
  • Eyes Over (Extended Dub)

Sleeve design by Paul Hemmingfield, housed in a clear PVC bag 

WAV files available on request