Cowboy Rhythmbox - Tanz Exotique (12" Vinyl + Download) [PH 67]


PRE-ORDER: Expected 11.08.2017

Outsider house misfits Cowboy Rhythmbox, return to Phantasy with a tri-pronged blitzkrieg of wildly singular tracks.

Tanz Exotique: A pan global orgy of recondite sound sources, perhaps one of the most extreme examples of CBRB's multifarious approach to date. Superlative 25th century electronic exotica. 

Cats' Invasion: A stark, glacial and sleazy lesson in poise, restraint and excess. Lysergic synthesizer motifs, deep breathing, and serious sense of menace ride a pleasingly rawboned rhythm. Music for darkrooms on interstellar pleasure cruisers. 

Scream: A revved-up industrial beast of a track. Primal, animalistic vocals conspire with dub percussion and a sinister acidic arpeggio. A symphony of gut-level grit and abrasive alchemy. 

Comes with free download codes.

  • Tanz Exotique
  • Cats' Invasion 
  • Scream

WAV files available on request.

Artwork: Will Sweeney / Bela J / Erol Alkan / CBRB