Welcoming Josh Caffe to Phantasy

Already iconic in London’s underground queer rave scene,
Josh Caffé makes a characteristically upfront and disruptive arrival to Phantasy with his debut single for Erol Alkan’s label, ‘According to Jacqueline’, out now. Produced in collaboration with Quinn of Paranoid London, for whom Caffé has previously provided vocals on club favourites such as ‘Vicious Games’ as well as for their rapturous live sets, ‘According to Jacqueline’ fully centres and cements Caffé’s personal vision of club culture as a raw and demanding force.

Stream, download or order the 12" vinyl here

Loosely chronicling a hi-NRG pursuit across the club, ‘According to Jacqueline’ follows murmurs on the dancefloor concerning one such individual, a “freaky butch queen on the scene, dancing round like a machine.” Outrageous, confrontational and disappearing further into a space between ecstasy and submission, Caffé’s attitude and sound spans Chicago house, vogue culture and the resurgent spirit of his home city’s current LGBTQI+ landscape.

A complimentary dub provides dancers the opportunity to luxuriate in the sensuality of Caffé’s advances, but no matter what side the needle lands on, Jacqueline’s wicked tongue persists in cheek. 

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