Tiga presents: First / Last Party on Earth with Erol Alkan

Erol Alkan joins Tiga for an extended conversation in the latest episode of his podcast series, 'Last Party On Earth'. During the 1 hour 46 mins, Erol delves deep through his record collection and personal memories in order to select the first and last track he'd play at his theoretical last ever party.

Listen to the podcast here

"Tiga and I go back a long way... as far back as 2001 from what I recall. We met during that time we call 'Electroclash' and were quickly tied together into that scene, but in fairness we bonded on far more than just electronic music and fashion. I think we became friends within seconds. It wasn't long before Tiga was invited to Dj at Trash (I think he played around 3 times in total?) and we shared countless booths around the world since them. In many ways, he was the Canadian cousin of this surrogate family we created back then, and the subsequent years has in some ways pulled us apart (we all Dj less due to other responsibilities, and have naturally taken slightly different paths which I suppose run in parallel) but in many ways have bought us closer together (we are far more adult now and share the same responsibilities).

I've been a fan of his podcast since the first season, it featured Dj's who I have a lot of admiration for, so being asked to be a part of season 2 was an honour. If you are new to it, the concept is basically 'what records would you play at your final ever Dj set?'. But in goes way beyond all of that, and at times felt like borderline therapy! It was great to just sit and talk with Tiga, and I'm happy that you - the listener - can also experience his wit and non-stop charm in such depth, it's something I've enjoyed since when we first met.

I can't recall everything we discussed as it goes back a few months when the world felt like a completely different place, plus the conversation was so fluid that the few hours we spent talking felt like minutes, so I'm looking forward to downloading this and listening back myself. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed doing it.

You can listen to the episode by clicking the button above. And be sure to check out his other interviews too, they're ace and I often find myself laughing or smiling all the way through. Kinda perfect listening for right now." – Erol Alkan

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