#PHANTASYMIX 09: Henry Fry

Henry Fry has long been a fixture on the London electronic and alternative music scenes, having been associated with parties like Trash spin-off Durrr, as well as Snap, Crackle & Pop, and more recently, co-founding Let’s Go Swimming, the record label and party at which Fry is resident. These special London soirees have featured guest appearances from independently minded DJs and producers, including, but not limited to Beatrice Dillon, Jon Rust, Jayda G, and fpr the upcoming December edition, mysterious German breakbeat enthusiast, Skee Mask.

The fact that Fry, whether alone or with the LGS Residents, effortlessly holds his own against such a versatile range of talent, indicates his rather sublime taste, one in which is also reflected in Let’s Go Swimming’s label-arm. Over just half-a-dozen releases, they’ve championed new talent such as Octo Champ, William Earl, Polly Moneaux, Doppelate and Mack Ness across the fields of filter disco, filtered funk and authentically trippy house. Their new sub-label, Vowel Sounds, even shifts their output into ambient directions.

As such, we’re sure you’ll revel in the latest edition of the Phantasy Mix; an hour of tracks selected and mixed by Mr. Fry, acting as a sort of Let’s Go Swimming primer and a trip through some failsafe cuts from his record box, including Objekt, Physical Therapy and Aleksi Perälä.
What can we expect to hear in the mix?

I made this mix at home, on some CDJs I borrowed from the Gun (best pub in London) after drinking a triple espresso. So I guess it’s an aural representation of a caffeine rush featuring music I love and a few current/upcoming bits from the label.   

Tell us about Let's Go Swimming?

It’s a label for great tunes and a party for nice people.

Like Phantasy, LGS is a distinctly London label. What's your personal all-time favourite from the city?

All time ... I dunno
4AD maybe?
Rough Trade? RT defiantly makes me think of London.
Currently though; Whities, Dr. Banana and  Where to now? Can’t do much wrong.

Tell us about your new label, Vowel Sounds?

VS is focusing more on unconventional sound released on cassette as the tracks are often longer than you could fit on a record. The first release (out in December) by Handyman is composed mostly with a giant sheet of steel and metal work tools - it’s pretty spooky.

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