Phantasy: Tsugi Label of the Month

Phantasy: Tsugi Label of the Month

Phantasy are Tsugi's Label of the Month for May 2019. Read the feature translated into English below.

Le label Phantasy dans Tsugi (mai 2019)

What is it ?

The label created by the Londoner DJ-producer Erol Alkan in 2007 like an extpansion of the Trash parties he was organizing since 1997. Though Phantasy has no official musical direction, “it tries to bound every release with a same psychedelic sensibility”. There is no “star” on the label, and the team is proud of every release : “Every disc is a sign of independence, even when the music genre, tempo and the will are different, each one is touched by the same spirit”. And this is also goes to the boss Erol Alkan, who just released his first single in 5 years “Spectrum”/”Silver Echoes”.

Which artists?

They may be no stars on Phantasy, but the impact of Daniel Avery’s success is undeniable. Out in 2013, Drone Logic has reached an impressive audience on the scale of the label. But Phantasy also owns a catalog of more than 80 references where we can find Cowboy Rhythmbox, James Welsh or Ghost Culture. Without forgetting the more experimental side of Phantasy with BTU (the Brasilian Babe Terror with the mysterious U). “In a very spontaneous musical scene, the albums are often measured by their immediate impact in clubs and/or their hype, but it is important to publish some music that lives its life off the beaten path.”

Future releases?

In May will come out 2 EPs from artists that are making their first steps in the label. The Brasilian Terr, already seen on Correspondant or Permanent Vacation, with the compelling “Tale Of Devotion”, along with the famous “Diskomiks” of the Norwegian Prins Thomas. More loony, the American Wilted Woman makes with her “Lon Lon Night Vision” a very personal fusion between acid, trance and techno, re-seen and corrected by Laurel Halo. Later this summer, Phantasy promises a still secret collaborative album. The label is willing to be a space of creation where every producer can blossom freely.

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