Phantasy 100: PH71 – PH80


On PH71, James Welsh continued his hugely satisfying streak of idiosyncratic electronic masterpieces with yet another distinctive two-track, ‘Zurich/A65’.

Opening the EP, ‘Zurich’ seamlessly blends a rich seam of melancholy with an intensity, which, like the best of Welsh’s work, is both wistful and physical.

From Leeds to Kendal on the flip, ‘A65’ sets the scene by sampling the unmistakable sound of speeding Yorkshire traffic, opening up a breathless musical autobahn, driven by luminescent synths that pulse with euphoria and energy.

The 12" was released 21st September 2018 and we have 10 copies left on our web store here 


Daniel Avery: "I was in the studio constantly and once the full record was done, I was left with a lot of music that still meant a lot to me. The idea came that we would release a series of three EPs - Slow Fade, Projector and Diminuendo - that would all include exclusive music not found on the album itself. To me these feel like sister releases to Song For Alpha as they form the wider world in which that record was made, influenced both by dancefloors and the space away from them. It might suddenly feel like there’s more time than ever to make music (if you feel like it), but it’s also interesting to look back and appreciate what’s possible when you are at your most determined and creative. Whatever the circumstance, being consumed by music is never less than a joy."

'Projector' EP was released 18th May 2018 and we've got copies of the 12" available for just £6 for today only here

Daniel Avery enlisted revered London producer Four Tet, aka Kieran Hebden for a remix of ‘Quick Eternity’, taken from the former’s second album, 'Song For Alpha'.

Hebden flips the warm, undulating synths and crystalline percussion of Avery’s original in his own inimitable style, building shimmering, skittering flourishes before suddenly flipping the mood for an unexpected and percussive conclusion.

We've found just 15 copies of Four Tet's rework, one of our most memorable & beautiful remixes, available now for just £6 here


Gabe Gurnsey:
"Eyes Over was written really early into starting my debut album ‘PHYSICAL’. I wanted a half club track half song which told the story of being in a club and falling in love on the dancefloor. A hazy encounter as part of the journey through ‘PHYSICAL’s’ concept - a dream like night out. I reworked the track a couple of hours before sending to Erol Alkan to produce and mix to its final state."

'Eyes Over' was described as a "21st Century take on a muscular brand of synth pop", and accompanied by a music video created by Butt Studio.

We've got a few copies of the 12", backed by the Extended Dub and housed in a PVC sleeve, over on our web store for just £6 here


PH75 marked the first chapter of remixes for Daniel Avery’s second full-length LP, 'Song For Alpha', featuring three strikingly original reinterpretations from the spectrum of the dance music underground.

The frosty melancholy of 'Citizen // Nowhere' was reworked by London producer Manni Dee into something altogether monstrous, a warehouse heater led by an almost intimidating kickdrum. Anastasia Kristensen contributed a delicate yet no less powerful groove for her sparkling remix of 'Glitter', crafting a blissful rhythmic trip. A longstanding fixture on the Midwest US rave scene, Patrick Russell applied grit to 'Diminuendo' sculpting a black hole of snarling electro and piston-like breaks, which recently featured as the deep centrepiece of ‘A Psychedelic Sensibility’, our full-length mix and compilation focused on Phantasy’s back catalogue.

PH75 is available now on 12" vinyl in limited supply from our webstore here


Gabe Gurnsey
: "
‘You Can’ started with one of my drum takes I found on a hard drive recorded on an old Calrec desk. I slowed it down and then sang the main line “you can dance while I get high” over and over on it then built the track up from that hook. The lyrics just came out spontaneously. I love it when a track just flows out when you’re writing. It felt right from the start."

Shot at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen and directed by Nate Camponi, the video for ‘You Can’ fulfils the fantasy intoning an invitation to dance, get high, or both through a haze of cigarette smoke and nubile bodies on the dancef loor.

'You Can' (Extended Dub) and a remix by The Hacker was released 20th August 2018 and we have a couple of 12"s, housed in a PVC sleeve, in stock here


Gabe Gurnsey
: "I wanted ‘New Kind’ to be as simple as possible and really ride on the drums and synth bass line throughout. The lyrics are exploring the idea of partying in a virtual reality existence - I always imagine where the track is being played out when I’m writing. Inventing rooms/buildings in my head to get a deeper connection with the track and some kind of context. Can still picture this one. The extended version is one of my favourites from the ‘PHYSICAL’ sessions - love Erol Alkan’s drum production and mixing on this one. Bangin'."

'New Kind' was released on 12" vinyl on 26th April 2019 with the Extended Dub and the Fall Forward Dub. Copies of the release are currently sold out.


PH78 returned to Daniel Avery’s ‘Song For Alpha’, and another trio of remixers adapting Avery’s second full-length into new states and shapes. Bonafide techno legend Luke Slater turns in a fizzing, psychedelic adaptation of 'Diminuendo', burying the original’s irresistible rhythms under waves of ecstatic static. Meanwhile, Obscure Shape and SHDW continued their run of rave weaponry with the unashamedly warehouse-sized refit of the initially more ethereal ‘Projector’. Concluding the EP, Avery’s studio neighbour and long-time friend, Richard Fearless presents a creeping, looping and uniformly creative remix of ‘Days From Now’.

The remix 12" was released April 2019 and we've got 7 copies left in stock on our web store here


Born from the undisputed, pummelling highlight at the centre of Daniel Avery’s second full-length, ‘Song For Alpha’, the ‘Diminuendo’ EP gave way to a further trio of robust experiments in techno and electro taken from the album’s extended studio sessions.

On ‘Hyper Detail’, Avery further upped the potential for wide-eyed, rave-friendly electronic hypnosis, dipping into a raw acid palette. ‘Light Of Falling Rain’ is more severe and equally intricate, creating immediate enormous tension while the Murakami referencing ‘Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes’ saw Avery’s studio communicate something cryptic and unnerving as a farewell.

The music video for 'Diminuendo' was created by Flat-E, as part of the full album visuals for 'Song For Alpha'. The EP was released 12th October 2018, and we've found a few copies of the 12" vinyl which are up on our web store now. Pick up a copy here


Ghost Culture:
"Axon was my way of trying to re-live the energy that I had experienced on harder hitting dancefloors, whilst echoing traces of lost nights in warehouses and fields. I remember this going down very well at Wilde Renate in Berlin which is where I first played it out.

It was an honour to have hero Legowelt do the remix, because if you’re going to get a remix done, it should be better than the original.”

Following on from 2017’s experimentally-focused EP, ‘Nucleus’, 'Axon' saw Ghost Culture return with an urgent, pristine slice of club euphoria, backed by a standout remix from Legowelt. Released 31st August 2018 and all copies of the 12" vinyl are sold out.

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