Out Now: TERR 'Energy Sync'

Returning to Phantasy for her second release on the label, TERR captures further dancefloor magic on the blistering ‘Energy Sync’, out now. Following the success of ‘Tale of Devotion’, the Brazilian-born, Berlin-based producer continues to distill her exquisite instincts into an irresistible single that blends electro and disco influences with flawless songwriting.

Buy the 12" vinyl with free download here

Built around a heartfelt and vulnerable refrain, the ‘Club Mix’ takes just seconds to explode into a wide-eyed anthem in waiting, maintaining pure ecstasy and cascading energy until it’s final, sensual modulation. On the contrary, Terr transforms the track into a wistful, weightless electro-pop moment for the ‘Original Mix’, building a slower if no less celebratory groove around her own vocals, which also feature as an acapella.

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