Out Now: PYTKO Debut Album 'The Way We Blush'

‘The Way We Blush’ is the debut album from PYTKO, a Polish-born, London-based artist and a recent signing to Phantasy. Following two singles remixed by DJ Python and Bullion respectively, ‘The Way We Blush’ is an intoxicating trip down the rabbit hole of PYTKO’s vision of outsider music; resplendent and emotive, blending classic dream pop with experimental, electronic production.

Stream or download here

‘The Way We Blush’ was largely written as PYTKO attempted to settle in the UK, having originally moved from Warsaw to London, shortly after the Brexit vote of 2016. Reflecting the complexity and harsh reality of settling into a new, uncertain environment, each of the nine tracks on the album play like sonic short films, each telling a story that encourages listeners to lean in closer. Sometimes providing escape and sometimes catharsis, ‘The Way We Blush’ proves to be a vivid sensory experience, illustrated with accompanying images from close friend and artist Yvette Wong, a Central Saint-Martins graduate whose work focuses on “childhood, memories and steadfast feminism.”

Watch the new visualiser for new single 'Planet' below.

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