Out Now: Josh Caffé 'Do You Want To Take Me Home?’

Introducing Josh Caffé’s second single on Phantasy, ‘Do You Want To Take Me Home?’ is a sensual yet gritty return, a keen document of just one of the many stories of desire always occurring in the shadows, just beyond the strobes. Produced in collaboration with Quinn Whalley, one half of Paranoid London, ‘Do You Want To Take Me Home?’ also features a headsy interpretation from Steffi & Virginia, marking their first ever collaborative remix. Out now on streaming platforms and 12" vinyl.

Stream, download or order the 12" vinyl here

Josh Caffé shares the new music video for 'Do You Want To Take Me Home?', directed by Robert Fox. Watch it above.

Inspired by the rawest shades of early Chicago house music, ‘Do You Want To Take Me Home?’ finds Josh Caffé in thirsty pursuit of pleasure and recognition, eyes locked on an unidentified but all-too enticing individual in the club. Whereas previous single ‘According To Jacqueline’ turned the heads of dancers with it’s outrageous sexuality, Caffé’s follow-up finds him switched by a different strain of lust, head down in a blend of analogue jack and vocal vulnerability.

Steffi & Virginia have long since established themselves as distinct individual forces in contemporary dance music. Here, reunited in the studio together in the first instance since 2019’s ‘Work A Change’ EP on Ostgut Ton, the duo transplant Caffé’s yearning invitation into a sensuous reverie that touches on the deeper, tripper ends of their house and techno heritage. Driven by creeping organ chords and a powerful shuffling bassline, the result is a sophisticated reimagining primed for the heat of the function.

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