Out Now: Ghost Culture (Gramrcy & Loveless Mix)

The #Phantasy100 retrospective continues, as Gramrcy & John Loveless remix Ghost Culture’s ‘ICO130’, first released as part of the ‘Nucleus’ EP in 2017.

'ICO130' (A Gramrcy & Loveless Mix) is available exclusively through Phantasy’s Bandcamp from Friday August 7th. All proceeds from sale will go to the Stephen Lawrence Trust, the London-based organisation founded to tackle inequality in all forms, until August 31st.

Download from Bandcamp here

The recently formed Berlin studio partnership coax the frenetic patterns of the original into deeper, dreamer and softly anthemic territory. Driven by the spirit of dub techno and minimal influences, the reimagining nonetheless possesses emotional impact amid swells of unapologetic bass.

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