Out now: Ghost Culture 'Blue Ice / Meltwater'

Ghost Culture makes a return to Phantasy with a digital double-side of emotive and futurist electro, ‘Blue Ice/Meltwater’.

Stream and download via Beatport HERE

‘Blue Ice’ dives immediately into trippy euphoria, perfectly engineered to transmit a trance- like effect on listeners. It’s tunnelling energy doesn’t let up from beginning to end, melting through layer-upon-layer of serotonin-altering rave oscillations, awash in a texture that lands somewhere between melancholy and euphoria, strobe light and sunrise.

‘Meltwater’ meanwhile begins unassumingly, executing a spacious rhythm that is soon consumed by powerful sub-bass weight and an almost overwhelming rush of analogue synthesis. The result is a weightless, aquatic blend of rhythm and melody, destined to create any number of transcendent moments on the largest of sound systems, without sacrificing the flawless composition at the heart of Ghost Culture’s music.

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