Out Now: Gabe Gurnsey 'New Kind'

‘New Kind’
, one of the more direct moments of dancefloor pleasure throughout Gabe Gurnsey’s acclaimed debut album, Physical, is expanded on for this digital package which is out now.

Pick up the 12" vinyl (with free download) here

The ‘Extended Dub’ stretches out the original’s tight groove in a pleasingly baggy fashion that recalls the experimental club dubs pioneered by Trevor Horn, Martin Rushent and Shep Pettibone

Back to the future, and enigmatic new producer Fall Forward delivers a smooth, rave tinted rework that is guaranteed to thrill the strobe-lit, sweat-drenched club crowd that inspired the original LP. An additional dub of the remix places the focus squarely on it’s clean, irresistible acid bassline.

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