Out Now: Gabe Gurnsey 'Eyes Over'

Gabe Gurnsey
releases new single, ‘Eyes Over’, taken from his debut solo album, 'Physical', which is due for release on 3 August 2018 via Phantasy.

With its proto-Hacienda grooves, ‘Eyes Over’ is a 21st Century take on a muscular brand of synth pop, offering an alluring landscape for the artist’s restless vocals. "I wanted to use the vehicle of a 4/4 track to set up a simulated night club,” Gabe says of the track. “To communicate the feeling that comes when we are losing ourselves in that love / lust- filled situation."

If you want to know what Gabe Gurnsey’s debut LP sounds like, the first thing you should do is put aside Factory Floor, the group he co-founded 13 years ago. Gone are the cold, lengthy, stripped back deconstructions of no wave electronica and industrial techno, abandoned in favour of something altogether warmer, torrid and succinct.

Buy the 12" vinyl of 'Eyes Over' HERE

Pre-order the new album 'Physical' on 12" vinyl or CD HERE

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