Out Now: Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini 'Illusion of Time' (Teodor Wolgers Rework)

Almost a year after Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini released their debut full-length collaboration 'Illusion of Time', they share a lush, piano-led reimagining of the title track from Swedish multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Teodor Wolgers. The rework is out now digitally alongside an animated video created by visual artist IX.shells.

Stream or download here

“Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini’s masterpiece ‘Illusion of Time’ is one of my favourite electronic tracks released last year. Listening to it always made me wonder what it would sound like if I was able to capture the beauty of the original and add a more organic backbone. So without any real expectations I contacted them by chance, asking if I could rework it. They liked the idea and it almost feels a little surreal that my version now is being released. It was a pleasure breaking down the piece and add colours from my own palette. It almost felt as if Daniel and Alessandro were in the room as I was shaping elements from our worlds of sound into this new and alluring mould.” – Teodor Wolgers

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