Out Now: Cowboy Rhythmbox '6AM Cowboy' (Sharif Laffrey Deviation)

Cowboy Rhythmbox
return for a short, sweet and typically unusual transmission, as cult house journeyman, Detroit producer and DJ Sharif Laffrey provides one of the most memorable and original releases in Phantasy’s history, followed by a simmering take from the duo themselves. With what initially started out as a remix project led to Sharif often finding himself within deep studio sessions, frequently surpassing the early hours of the morning, pointing to the apt naming of this release.

Buy the 12" vinyl (with free download) here

Chugging with schizophrenic glee for nearly fifteen minutes, Laffrey masterfully combines his own flavour for obscurities and offbeat samples with no less than three tracks from the Cowboy Rhythmbox archive. Mixing element upon element into a somewhat absurdist masterpiece, this uncategorizable rework injects waves of weirdo energy and a little menace into the small hours.

In response, Cowboy Rhythmbox consciously scramble the formula even further. So impressed by Laffrey’s interpretation, they choose to deliver a remix upon remix with their ‘Deviation Variation’. Retaining the full measure of their skittish psychedelia that has blessed and freaked-out dancefloors over the years, the original pair rework the vampish synths at the heart of previous head spinner ‘Vodonik’, escalating guttural acid and a heads down bassline that perhaps dials down the fury, but keeps the filth.

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