Listen: Wilted Woman Dummy Mix

“An unpredictable 45 minutes of hyper-modern club workouts”

Delve into Wilted Woman's new mix for Dummy Mag. View the tracklist below.

Christina Kubisch – Circles iii
Michele Mercure – The Sky is Falling
3rd Wave – New Body
Underwear – 14 Minute Side
Young Male – Into The Night
Rip Me – Exhale, Exfoliate
Frank Hurricane – I Love Tha Rain
Black Chow – Wonderland
CarlosgGiffoni & Prurient – Returning Rains
G.I.S.M. – Death Exclamations
Secret Boyfriend – Cool Air
Tzusing – Torque Pulsations
DJ Richard – Gargoyle
Toe Ring – Why Am I So Alone In This World
Mark – “… Careful Development Without Haste.”
Hermann Kopp – Kannibalenkuss

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