Listen: Erol Alkan mixes from the archives

Journey through the sounds of Erol Alkan's time DJing across the globe, as he's dug through the depths of the archives to deliver a new mix from years gone by over on his Mixcloud every Monday at 10AM BST, complete with artwork and full tracklist.

"Recorded at The Beat Hotel, which was infact a big tent at Glastonbury Festival, on Friday 24th June 2011. I've had a few good times at this tent over the years, the sound is pretty good and it always feels like a huge house party rather than being at a festival, which you can probably tell by the choice of big tracks I chose for the end. I also played an edit I made around then of Alan Braxe's 'Vertigo' which used more from the original record it sampled, then completely forgot I made it and hardly played it since. Listening back, I'll probably get it back in the crate." - Erol Alkan

Erol Alkan's closing set recorded live at 'Sónar By Day', 20th June 2019.
Recorded by RTE Radio for the EBU eurosonic partnership.

"I chose to play the opening set on this night as it gave me a chance to focus on a different corner of my record collection. Both I-F and Jimmy tore the club up later, and it was pretty cool to just be a spectator and enjoy it as part of the audience." - Erol Alkan

"Recorded at the final ever Homoelectric at it's long time home, Legends in Manchester, on Saturday 2nd November 2012. It was a great honour to be one of the final Djs to ever play in this legendary venue. Please excuse the sound quality, I wasn't driving the desk that hard, I can only assume the gain was up high on the recorder.. I remember this being a very intense show with people literally hanging onto the Dj booth, whilst being rained on by sweat. Loved it."
- Erol Alkan

"Recorded live at Oxygen Festival in Punchestown, Ireland on Sunday 9th July 2006. You can hear crowd noise so it was recorded professionally for radio broadcast but I can't recall by who, so sorry for the lack of credit. I remember Djing from a big box raised high above the dance floor, and the system in the arena was directional, so the mix was able to fly around 360 degrees." -
Erol Alkan

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