Ghost Culture Remixes Mary Epworth

Ghost Culture Remixes Mary Epworth

Sunday Best are pleased to announce that Mary Epworth’s single ‘Me Swimming’ will be released on limited edition 12” vinyl, accompanied by remixes from Ghost Culture and Richard Norris, and an additional instrumental mix by Norris.

Limited to 300 copies worldwide, the 12” is released on transparent blue vinyl on 23rd June and available to pre-order now.

‘Me Swimming’, the first single from Mary Epworth’s forthcoming second album Elytral, is a hypnotic song replete with electronic ticks and whirrs - a high-pop moment on an album that leans more to the dark and experimental. Of the 12” vinyl release, Mary says,

“I love how the Ghost Culture remix takes the walking beat of my track and pulls out polyrhythms, sharp edges, and a huge sense of space, and how Richard Norris’ wonderful remix is aquatic, immersive and joyful. Also I'm ticking off a box in Format Bingo - this is my first 12" single!” Mary

  • Me Swimming (Ghost Culture Remix)
  • Me Swimming (Original)
  • Me Swimming (Richard Norris Remix)
  • Me Swimming (Richard Norris Remix Dub)

Pre-order the vinyl here

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