Gabe Gurnsey's new album 'Diablo' out now

“Steady, sexy, and a little menacing, Diablo is another unerringly glossy success.” – Loud & Quiet

“Rave bangers with a side of romance” – Uncut

“Glossy and propulsive, dripping with style and stuffed with hooks” – The Wire

"A sonically powerful record with a clear sense of identity that creatively mines the club scene of the mid-to-late '80s with considerable success” – Music OMH

Gabe Gurnsey’s new album 'Diablo' is out now on Phantasy, pressed onto limited edition neon pink vinyl + CD.

Stream, download or order the LP + CD:

Close your eyes and listen to Gabe Gurnsey’s latest offering, 'Diablo'. You might be transported to a German autobahn after nightfall, strobe lights flashing in your private imaginarium. Or perhaps to a dimly lit basement, getting your top off as sound cascades off of concrete walls. 'Diablo' moves in unexpected directions, and you quickly realise you can relax and trust it to make you feel extremely good. We’re in a place of giddy echoes, 808 boings, sexy-menacing vocals and soft throbs, with lyrics full of pleasure and desire; like proper rave lyrics, they are in turn filthy, grandiose, devotional, and cryptic.  

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