Matrixxman and Machine Woman remix Erol Alkan [PH83 RMX1]

Erol Alkan invites some of electronic music's most revered producers to expand on both sides of his first solo release in five years, ‘Spectrum’ and 'Silver Echoes'.

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Split across two diverse and distinct 12" singles, the first set of remixes sees techno-mastermind Matrixxman adds serious pressure to 'Spectrum' on his offering, upping the tempo and utilising the original’s halcyon synth line to create a high-energy version with moments of pure sensation. One of the most original and promising underground producers of the last few years, Machine Woman delivers two contrasting re-imaginings. Going deep and psychedelic on the ‘Minimal Machine Woman Remix’ of ‘Silver Echoes’, and then on the ‘True Machine Woman Remix' reversing the tempo entirely, reinventing the melancholy cut as an erratic freakout.

On the second, set for release on March 29th, two much-loved talents work their own familiar magic on ‘Spectrum’. Mano Le Tough takes the track on a blissful trip through deep space, finding wormholes of sonic pleasure around an elastic bassline, waving bells and Moroder-esque synth. Finally, Istanbul's premier edit-master and renowned crate-digger Barış K takes the krautrock drums that drove Alkan's original track and engineers a dense, understated remix that utilises sounds inspired by the equally innovative heritage of Turkish rock and disco.

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