Erol Alkan Reworks Todd Terje 'Maskindans'

Erol Alkan Reworks Todd Terje 'Maskindans'

Though he may still be tweaking the space laser to perfect album 'numero twomero' (hey, it's a working title), Terje has still found the time to tease us with a sneak preview of what's to come in the form of this body moving, brain grooving cover version of a Norse synth spectacular from the dystopian dance floors of '82. Inspired by his Dansbar diversions, Todd took to the studio for a little multitrack mania, replaying every part of this doomy dancer with all the Olsen sparkle you could ever wish for. Luring Det Gylne Triangel back into the booth for the first time in 25 years (possibly in his trusty Delorean!), Terje topped off the pops with a newly recorded vocal from the original lyricist, closing the temporal loop and opening the door to dance floor nirvana. 

Remix duties fall to Phantasy man Erol Alkan, who replaces those dub disco flourishes with the strobe-lit pulse of Giallo, stripping the track back into a dark wired dancer which steals a beat on the imminent Electroclash revival. An insistent bassline and mechanical beat power straight into the peak time while the treated vocals take us all the way back to hearing Jeans Team in skinny jeans on the darkened dance floor of Trash.

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