Erol Alkan: Boiler Room Radio Residency Episode 03 Posted on 12 Jul 22:42



Erol Alkan's third Boiler Room Radio Show aired, July 12th at 20:00 GMT and is now looping on Boiler Room.

This time he pulls out a wider range of music to fit the longer hours + intermittent bursts of sunshine. It's an eclectic summer special (of sorts). 

New Phantasy music played on the show:

Kamera 'Consignia' (Truncate Remix) / 'Consignia' (Yaleesa Hall Dub) - Available now
Beyond The Wizards Sleeve 'The Soft Bounce' (Daniel Avery Rework) - Coming soon
U 'Friendly Ghost' - Coming soon

The Truncate and Yaleesa Hall Remixes can be bought on vinyl here or digitally here

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You can listen back to E01 and E02 here