Erol Alkan: Boiler Room Radio Residency Episode 03 Posted on 06 Jul 13:18

Erol Alkan's Boiler Room Radio Show continues on July 12th from 20:00 BST and can be streamed here

This time he'll be pulling out a wider range of music to fit the longer hours + intermittent bursts of sunshine. It's an eclectic summer special (of sorts).

Think of it as an extension of his work as 1/2 of Beyond The Wizards Sleeve – who have just released an album-of-the-year contender in The Soft Bounce – as well as a decade-long search for modern psychedelia.

Like the last two episodes you'll be able to listen in, view live track listings along with the artwork and interact with the Erol, direct via the chat room. We'll also be streaming the show via Facebook Live.

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You can listen back to E01 and E02 to get you in the mood. E02 is streaming below and you can check out E01 here